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Passionate About Serving Others

I'm Noe. I started my journey of community building with my fiancé and business partner Jessie. In 2017 we met here in San Diego.  We were both entrepreneurs working on our own dreams. She was working from home and I was at a coworking space in little italy. 

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As we started growing together we began supporting one another in our personal lives and also in our business.

Jessie has so many creative talents and BIG ideas and I have the logistical and practical know-how to things.  This led to us naturally helping each other, masterminding and eventually teaming up on future business ventures.

One of these ventures is FEMX Quarters. Jessie had the desire to open her own creative space to network and host events with other women entrepreneurs. I saw her vision and immediately jumped to support and assist in any way (sales, techy, systems etc). Jessie launched and opened the space in 2019 and out of the soil grew a successful community of women entrepreneurs. (FEMX)

During this time I often joked around saying I should start a MENX and...


Here we are! 


The community for men entrepreneurs was born. I am looking forward to serving and leading you all to help grow your network and networth in a way that is authentic and meaningful. 

To all of our success!

-Noe Castellon

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